Battlefield Combatives with Tommy Joe Moore (English)

Combatives are a compilation of a deliberately small number of techniques for close combat. The basic principle of Combatives is simplification, so that they can be learnt quickly and recalled under high stress. At Functional Fighting, we have been integrating Combatives as a delivery system for physical self-defence for almost 15 years.

In the Battlefield Combatives seminar you will learn how hand-to-hand military close combat developed over the last 100 years and how it is taught today.

Battlefield Combatives Seminar Program (May 27/28, 2023)

Saturday: A History of Battlefield Combatives

  • 6 hour session in x2 3 hour modules
  • This hands-on practical session will look at the growth and development of Western Military Combatives, factoring in material from:
    • WWI
    • WW2
    • Korea / Vietnam Conflicts

Here we will get to grips with the techniques, strategies and training methodologies that made up how Battlefield Combatives were taught and how they were applied. These are still readily applicable today and were taught by Tommy to Ukrainian Special Forces Soldiers.

Sunday: Contemporary Battlefield Combatives

  • 6 hour session in x2 3 hour modules
  • This session factors in contemporary material, including content from:
    • Rapid Assault Tactics (as taught to the Navy Seals, FBI etc)
    • Kapap / Krav Maga (as taught to the IDF)
    • L.I.N.E / MCMAP (as taught to the US marines)
    • Boxing Milling / Goshin Ju Jutsu (as taught to British Infantry Units)

This section looks at how elements from day one have changed, evolved or diversified and can be applied as part of your overall training matrix.


The seminar will be led by Tommy Joe Moore from the UK. Tommy is an internationally renowned expert on Combatives.



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